Nobody wants their home & yard covered with POISONS, endangering their children, pets & the environment. About Us

"Serving the Oregon coast since the 1980's"

CCB# 192926
Operator number: AG-L1015806CPO

Organic Pest Control, LLC (OPC) is the Oregon coast's only REAL ORGANIC pest company. OPC specializes in:

  • Child, pet and environment-friendly solutions & products.
  • Most technologically advanced 100% "botanically-based" materials.
  • A blend of highly selective plant oils called Hexa-hydroxyl®.
  • Hexa-hydroxyl molecules Ecosmart Products
  • Hexa-hydroxyl® is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) - no solvents, surfactants, diluents, carriers, catalysts, synergists, intensifiers, or other harmful ingredients. It is a pure "unadulterated," non-synthesized product.
  • University research studies, field usage, and most importantly hands-on professional pest management trials have proven beyond a doubt Hexa-hydroxyl®'s efficiency and unprecedented margin of safety is simply "The Ultimate" in Environmentally Sensitive Solutions.

Optional Conventional Services

Most of our residential customers prefer our organic treatments, but we do offer excellent conventional treatments as well.