Conventional Treatments

About our conventional treatments

We also offer today's conventional treatment line which is not only a safe and thorough treatment system, but is simply unbeatable with long-term / high-mileage guarantees. From synthetic pyrethroids for extensive insect problems to exceptional borate treatments that have become the industry standard for wood applications, especially in areas where wood boring beetles infest. We offer both remedial and precautionary treatments to prevent and protect against wood destroying insects and wood decay.

Commercial Services

All too often, even trained professionals opt to automatically begin spray treatments without even bothering to properly evaluate the premises. Time and time again, we are instructed by doctors in the industry to carefully and thoroughly inspect any site prior to treatment.

Here at Organic Pest Control, we have implemented a routine 5 step treatment program for all of our commercial clients. We have outlined these steps below, but feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, or would like to set up a free consultation.


  1. Inspections
    First, we conduct a thorough inspection to identify areas that are subject to or have had previous problems or infestations. The saying "pests re-infest" holds very true. We specialize in discovering the most difficult areas to get to, as well as finding problem areas quickly.
  2. Exclusion Programs
    The first thing to be said, is that completely denying all pests is not easily attainable, or sometimes even possible. However, a more realistic goal is to keep the number of pests entering a facility as low as possible. Here at Organic Pest Control, we completely check all doors, windows, and other openings for not only a proper fit, but also for warping, missing screens, or any other damage that creates easy access for flying and crawling pests.
  3. Sanitation
    Interior and exterior sanitation programs are vitally important in the long-term control of pests, especially around food producing facilities. From areas with dense vegetation around structures to trash piles, greasy storage containers, and high moisture areas, we do it all. We find and treat all the problem areas that are known to harbor insect and rodent infestations.
  4. Non-Chemical Pest Treatments
    We pursue all non-chemical measures possible in controlling rodent and insect pests. These steps often include, but are not limited to, the installation of screening, foaming in cracks and seams, placement of glue boards, and the installation of traps. We use these techniques instead of the traditional methods of baiting that is performed by many other companies.
  5. Pesticidal Treatments
    These treatments are implemented only as a last resort for control measures. We use only the safest and minimal amount necessary in the appropriate target sites for exceptional results. There is no over-application or overkill.
  6. Lastly, we also use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that is designed to help our clients better maintain their facilities when it comes to pest management. We help our clients to understand these measures as well as the products that we use. We do all this to insure that you do not fall victim to the "spray jockey" approach, which is the quick and least effective way to manage pests over the long term. We don't approve of a 15 minute "RUN & GUN" Service.
    MSDS sheets are always provided for the products we use.

Borate treatments won't drive you out of the house and home

The unique way in which borate eliminates insects insures effective control. In fact, insects cannot develop resistance to borate insecticides. To control termites, beetles, and fungi, Nisus products are the answer. When wood is treated with borates, it is eliminated as a food source. If termites ingest the borate while feeding, they spread the active ingredient throughout the colony. Beetle larvae ingest the borates from treated wood and soon die. Carpenter ants find the wood unpalatable, so they don't nest. If they come into contact with the powder, they ingest the borates in an attempt to clean themselves and soon die. Decay fungi are eliminated on contact.