Frequently Asked Questions
Organic Safe Clean

Q: I'm very sensitive to MOST products. Even odors make me sick, or give me headaches. What about your product line? The OPC product line has the lowest environmental and mammalian toxicity in existence. It's perfect for all accounts, especially the most sensitive ones.

Q: Are botanical oils more effective on certain insects than other insects? OPC's plant oils are generally effective against insects (especially ants & spiders). The plant oil's unique mode of action targets neuroreceptors present in ALL insects!

Q: What is the residual life of your product line? Laboratory testing and actual field usage has shown the residual life of our products to be comparable to other conventional pesticides.

Q: Do you use products for interior, exterior, and substructure? We use a complete line of professional organic products to service residential or commercial properties on the interior and exterior. Natural mineral borates provide unsurpassed anti-fungal insect protection in the substructure.

Q: Do all of your products qualify as organic? All of our products are organic, except for our inorganic natural mineral borates.

Q: Can any of your organic products be used around waterways and fish ponds? Yes, we have a botanical product that can be used around waterways since it is non-toxic to fish and breaks down in water within 24 hours.

Q: Is Organic Pest Controls' product line more expensive to use when compared to conventional pesticides? OPC's product line is more expensive. Our labor charge is less expensive. Our total / bottom line charge to our customers is less in most cases.