We customize our service programs to fit your individual needs!
  • Annual Service (Once a year)

    • Flea control and prevention to lawns and landscape areas. This treatment also targets lawn nesting insects like earwigs, crickets, sow bugs, ants, carpenter ants, and other insects.
    • Spider web clean down and treatment of structure(s).
    • Substructure inspection (treated initially, otherwise annually inspected), includes overview for leaks, rodent activity, and insect pests.
    • Interior treatment if requested/needed.
  • Semi-Annual Service (Twice a year)

    • Same as Annual Service, with annual monitoring of substructure. Both Annual and Semi-Annual Treatments are great for occupying resident homeowners looking for less frequent, less costly prevention. Very popular plan.
  • Quarterly Service (Every 3 months / 4x a year)

    "Our most popular service"

    • Designed for resident or non-resident homeowners with a greater focus on spider control and small ants. Rodent activity may also require more frequent attention.
    • Many pet owners prefer an inside flea treatment periodically at no extra charge.
    • Home is professionally cared for all year long, on a regular basis, preventing sighting by tenants or guests.
  • Monthly and Bi-Monthly Service

    • Usually for commercial accounts.